Feral Hog Control

Feral hogs damage crops by consuming them or by their rooting, trampling, and wallowing behaviors, which can destroy fields or reduce yield. Field crops commonly damaged by feral swine include sugar cane, corn, grain sorghum, wheat, oats, peanuts, and rice, among others.

We serve local farmers, ranchers, and landowners by utilizing advanced eradication equipment to quickly, quietly, and efficiently remove feral hogs. Our eradication methods combined with a passion for what we do, positions us as an immediate and long term solution to a growing agricultural problem.

Engagement Plan:

  • Meet onsite with landowner to obtain: Contact information, property boundaries, adjacent property information
  • Discuss owner requests/guidelines, “do’s & don’ts”
  • Set up wireless game cameras on baited areas/high travel areas to determine hog’s activity time of day
  • Contact/inform landowner with course of action and operating time (arrival/departure)
  • Conduct eradication efforts and remove all captured/eradicated hogs from property
  • Keep landowner up to date with actions/concerns/progress
  • Ongoing efforts to reduce hog population



  • Suppressed weapons – the lower noise level of a suppressed weapon is quiet and non-disturbing to nearby neighbors, and allows for more kills
  • Thermal Imaging Scopes – hogs can be spotted at up to 1000 yards and thermal image quality enables us to distinguish easily between deer, hogs, cattle, and predators
  • Game feeders – concentrating hogs to one location by establishing a feeding spot makes for easier removal and more efficient eradication
  • Aerial Imaging – utilizing UAVs/drones, we conduct daytime flights to determine locations of travel, bedding, and feeding areas
  • Wireless Game Cameras – we will receive almost instant notifications of hog which allows us to take action quickly
  • Four Wheel drive vehicles, trailers, and ATV’s, to remove carcasses from property if requested
  • Trapping – we are currently exploring remote-trapping options for highly affected areas

Hunting Equipment - Suppressed and Thermal Vision OpticsWe hunt with suppressed rifles, meaning that you will not hear any gunshots unless we have to dispatch a wounded hog or take care of a rattle snake with a sidearm. Our state of the art thermal and night vision equipment allows us to operate in complete darkness and undetected. We often are able to get as close as 40-50 yards to these wild hogs

If you own farm land and experience damage through either feral hogs or predators, please reach out to us.
We will be meeting with you to get to know each other and do an assessment of your situation. We have two different drone setups we can utilize to take aerial videos and photos to quickly identify the problem areas and possible access routes.

There is no charge for our services since you are helping us pursuing what we enjoy doing.

Crop damage by Feral Swine/Hogs in Central Texas
Crop damage by Feral Swine/Hogs in Central Texas