DIY Remote Hog Hunting IR Lights

Remote IR LightA lot of people ask about my Remote IR Light setup which I keep using in combination with the ATN X-Sight I or X-Sight II. The reason is simple – it allows you to light up feeders, bait spots, trails and etc. nicely without having to have a clear line of sight and with greater flexibility.

I have been using these self-contained setups on my 200 yard feeder, in order to be able to see hogs early on and to give me the option to get out of my hunting stand and sneak up on them. These IR LED flood lights run off a 12V battery and depending on battery size, they will last all night long and longer.

The whole set up is housed in a weatherproof plastic box, which can be placed on top of feeders, on the ground or strapped to trees.
If you want to get fancy, you can add a 12V remote control unit, which allows you to turn on and off one or more lights via the press of a button on a remote.

You can see these lights in action in this video.

Time needed: 20 minutes


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